Fish Schtick Podcast Episode 4

May 13, 2009 1 Comment by Michael Mauro

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Dr. Sam Snyder joins us from Kalamazoo, Michigan where he’s recently moved from Florida. He won’t be there for long though, he’s headed to the East Coast, the Desert Southwest and Alaska in the next year, so we’ll find out why when we talk to him today. Sam’s doctoral degree comes from the Religion and Nature program at the University of Florida. His dissertation covered the role that religions and cultural values have played in conservation. For the first time, the National Sporting Library has awarded a John H. Daniels Fellowship to someone in the angling field, Sam heads there for his fellowship this year. He’s been published in the American Fly Fisher Journal, and has a piece on restoration of Rio Grande Cutthroat coming out in that publication later this summer. So we’ll talk with him about all of that – plus his unique take on Dick Cheney’s induction into the American Fly Fishing Museum on today’s Fish Schtick.

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Guest Intro / Interview
Dr. Sam Snyder is currently teaching Environmental Ethics at Kalamazoo College in Michigan, we’re catching him before he heads into another class. In his upcoming article, he says, “I believe that the species we seek to restore and the practices by which we restore them have much to teach us about how to be human in the midst of natural spaces.”  Sam, thanks for joining us on the Fish Schtick.

-       You and I have talked a lot about the overlap of faith and fishing. You’ve interviewed hundreds of people in the world of fishing and specifically fly fishing, who are some of the people you’ve talked to, and what are some of the main themes that have come out?

-       Tell us the story about riding in a van in New Mexico, and the person asking about native trout.

-       What’s the difference between a wild fish and a native fish, and why does that matter?

-       Tell us about what you’ll be working on as a Daniels Fellow, and what that involves.

-       But you’re also headed down to New Mexico – what’s that all about?

-       What about fishing, have you gotten out since moving to Michigan, where will you be fishing between now and then, and … Alaska!?

We’ve been talking conservation-minded stuff all along, Sam – can you tell us about the state of the Rio Grande Cutthroat?

What are some other key native fish / wild fish issues that have come up in the course of your research?

Who are some of the leading people you’ve spoken with about current environmental concerns, and what are they saying?

Final Word
This is our last show of April, anybody got a poem for us?

Courtesy of Recycled Fish Co-Founder Matt Roberts:

the chorus of frogs
singing to the fresh cut grass
can smell the tulips

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