Fish Schtick Podcast Episode 8

June 20, 2009 1 Comment by Michael Mauro

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the-fish-schtick-icon-300x300Show Notes
Jerry Darkes is also known as “the fish dog.” He is a fly fishing manufactures rep in the Great Lakes region, a professional fly tyer, author and steelhead guide. You may have caught him in the Great Lakes Steelhead Chronicles, a DVD that provides a comprehensive overview of the Great Lakes Steelhead fishery. Jerry also has a 3 part series of Guide Pattern DVDs. The first covers fly tying secrets for bass, the 2nd and 3rd provide various patterns for steelhead.
Jerry also operates a personal blog called ACS – The Fish Dog.

Brian / Moldy Chum News
Ever hooked a Tarpon while snorkeling?
Attn: Reel Pure Legal Department
June Slab of the Month: Father/Daughter Steel

Teeg / Recycled Fish News

SAFE Angling Kits On Sale Now
Fly Fishing Film Tour

Have we talked about catching the paddlefish yet?
Caught a personal best bass for 2009 on Friday (but not on the fly).

The Spring Membership Blitz is on!
Just a week away from the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Omaha!
SAFE Angling Kits are rockin’ – (and we want to get them into LL Bean, courtesy of the Chum tip)
Our CD Project is coming together, should be out in time for the holidays
Getting closer to announcing our Angler Appreciation Nights schedule, the Go! Mozingo! Tournament is creeping up, etc.

Guest Intro / Interview
Jerry Darkes is also known as “the fish dog,” and in addition to being a fly fishing industry “insider,” from the Great Lakes region, he’s logged countless hours at the vise and on the water as a professional fly tyer and guide, hours banging away on the keyboard as an author, and hours in front of the lens for instructional DVDs. All that aside, he’s recently back from a trip to Canada chasing brook trout.

Jerry – welcome to the Fish Schtick, let’s hear about this fishing trip!

- Where does the name ‘Fish Dog’ come from?
- You got to fish with Ohio Senator George Voinovich, who was previously the state’s governor. When he was the Governor of Ohio, Senator Voinovich was the driving force in Ohio’s purchase of the Castalia Farms Fish Hatchery. This has become the cornerstone of Ohio’s steelhead program. You guided him for steelhead this spring, what was that like?
- Seems like you dig tube flies – what’s the scoop on ‘em, why do you dig ‘em, what are some favorites? DOA and Super Nuke with Meatball?
- Tell us who you rep for
- What are some of the coolest things people are gonna find from your brands in shops this year?
- Everybody talks about the economy being so tough, what’s your take on what it’s doing to fishing?
- Tell us about some of the stuff you’ve written or put out on DVD
- Pull out a couple of key tips for us from that work – what’s everybody else missing?
- Looks like you’ve been doing a lot of warmwater species fishing – white bass, largemouth, smallmouth – what’s happening and how are you doing it?
- Let’s talk bowfin on the fly!

Jerry Darkes –

Bighead Carp and Asian Silver Carp are dying off, and a new company has formed to capture them and ship them to Africa

Fire on Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River

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