Fish Schtick Podcast Episode 36 – Brian O'Keefe and Todd Moen

April 9, 2010 2 Comments by Michael Mauro

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Brian O’Keefe has fly fished all over the world for 30 years, for 20 of those as a professional photographer as well. He’s had a career as a fly fishing rep, he’s won a bunch of fly casting competitions, created and been featured in a ton of cool fly fishing videos and films. He’s had a cover shot on every magazine you like to read and he’s caught legendary fish everywhere you’ve dreamt of fishing.

Brian O'Keefe

Brian O'Keefe


That’s just half our show for today.

Pair him up with Todd Moen, and you’ve got the duo who brings us Catch Magazine every month. More on Catch on today’s show, but a little about Todd. His companies, Flyline Films and Spirit River Studios, combine to create video-enhanced websites that glue us to the screen. He’s shot for ESPN’s Fly Fishing the World series, the CBS Primal Quest adventure race, LLBean’s Guide to the Outdoors and a bunch more. He’s been at it for 15 years, so he’s covered the globe, seen amazing things, and captured them on film to share with the likes of us.

Todd Moen

Todd Moen and Brian O'Keefe

Todd Moen

Todd Moen

Now their combined project – Catch Magazine – bedazzles our computer screens so we’ll talk about that on today’s Schtick, and work them over for some good stories.

Brian / Moldy Chum News

Let’s hear about the OP

That kid with the big brown
That massive fat albert brown
Wyoming Cut Slam Program
Utah Streams

What else?

Teeg / Recycled Fish News

Fish A Thon 2010 – sign up now
Lake Cleanup Season
DisneyNature’s Oceans on Earth Day at Rave
Grandmasters Cup in Iowa

Around the world of fishing in 120 Seconds

Good News: High School Bass Fishing now has a world championship. The first ever High School Fishing World Finals in Russellville, Ark. on Lake Dardanelle. are July 19-24. Kids from 15 U.S. States and Canada will fish it.

Bad News: Utah signed into law HB 141 greatly limiting stream access in that state. Boo.

Across the country – This summer, the EPA decides whether to allow ethanol in the nation’s gas supply to increase from ten to fifteen percent. Could mean problems for older cars and small engines, like boat motors. The boating industry wants more research before the switch – could mean explosions on boats.

Wallowa Lake, Oregon has given up a new Oregon – and likely United States -  record Kokanee. The landlocked sockeye salmon was caught by Wan Teece, of Enterprise, Oregon. It went 26.25-inches long and weighed 8.23-pounds. She used a Wedding Ring Double Whammy Kokanee Pro with a Smile Blade to hook her keeper.

In Iowa – Scheels All Sport presents the Des Moines Grandmasters Cup, kicking off on April 16. Fish when you want, where you want for what you want in a catch-photo-release derby. Prizes include a Canadian Fishing Trip, $500 Scheels Shopping Spree, or a Berkley Tackle Pack. It’s just $25 for the 20-week contest and a portion of proceeds benefit your favorite stewardship organization: Recycled Fish.

In Texas – the birth of a new professional bass fishing circuit, for women by women. The ladies take to water on Kentucky Lake May 5th – 7th. It’s a 2-day draw tournament put together by Secret York and Cheryl Bowden in response to ESPNs termination of the WBT in January.

New York – 26 chances to fish for free this year. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation wants to encourage new interest in fishing and show off New York’s natural resources. Now through October, find one of these free fishing events across the state of New York and borrow equipment, learn to fish – and do so for free.

This week’s Recycled Fish Stewardship Tip: Recycle Plastic Bags. They not only litter our ditches, fields, lakes, streams and seas, but evidence suggests that when they break down they leach toxic chemicals into our water.

More fishing hoopla at  – Stewardship Tips and more at

I’m Teeg Stouffer and we just went around the world of fishing in 120 seconds.

Guest Intro / Interview


Catch Magazine is self-described as “the online visual experience illustrating the best fly fishing on the planet,” and “the official journal of fly fishing photography and film.” That pretty much sums it up. If guys like Brian O’Keefe and Todd Moen are impressed enough with your work to let it stand alongside theirs, you’re doing something right. In every issue, they give you image after image that makes you go “wow.”

Where have your recent trips taken you, guys?

You live in Oregon but you go all over the place – what are some of the destinations that stand out?

Talk about Catch – what is it? What’s different about it?

What’s different with the current issue from the first one?

Walks us through the latest issue – what are some highlights?

Other than Catch, what else are you guys working on?

Brian – you were the first person to fish Bikini Atoll after it was used as a nuclear testing site. What was that like?
You’ve fished redfish with Billy Trimble in Texas – it’s more accessible to people than some of the destinations you do, what’s the experience like?
Last year at FFR we saw this film – Bass in what looks like mountain lakes – tell us about that film and experience.
What are some of your all time favorite destinations and experiences?

Todd – what’s your all time favorite destination?
What fish has humbled you?
What’s in production now?
What are some of the films you’re the most proud of?
What projects did you cut your teeth on and how does that stuff show up in what you’re doing now?




You guys have been all over the place. What are some of the common concerns – what thread runs through all the places you go?

Of the places you’ve been and experienced, which ones are hotspots – or where are there issues of especially dire concern – that stand out to you?

Where’s the balance between keeping pristine areas pristine and talking about them – after all, you guys are a bullhorn too, is that good or bad?

Brian’s Quote of the Week



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