Fish Schtick Podcast – Episode 22 – Guest Jeff Galbraith

October 29, 2009 No Comments by Michael Mauro

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Conventional wisdom says the last thing you would want to do is launch a new print fly fishing publication in this new world of on-line media. Well our guest on this week’s episode of The Schtick does not subscribe to conventional wisdom. Jeff Galbraith and his team have recently launched The Flyfish Journal, fly fishing’s coffee-table bible that covers fly fishing’s icons, environment, and global culture. Jeff has left a number of perfectly good jobs to pursue his passion ultimately ending up in Bellingham WA, where he owns and operates Funny Feelings a high end media, content event company focused on mountain culture. Funny Feelings also publishes Frequency, the Snowboarder’s Journal and The Ski Journal both of which combine award winning photography, writing and exceptional production quality. We’ll hear more from Jeff later but first, what’s new at Recycled Fish

Michael Mauro Weather Report Images – Colorado October Blizzard


Toyota Pushing Snow – 2009 October Blizzard


Snow on the Deck at MauroMedia Studios – 2009 October Blizzard

Teeg / Recycled Fish News
Brian / Moldy Chum News
Lots of BC Steelhead -
Next round of the quality waters recommendations are out.
40,000 Salmon Escape BC Fish Farm
Major Chum initiative coming surrounding steelhead working in conjunction with TU.
Guest Intro / Interview

In the world of fly fishing magazines there was one glaring hole, a true journal style publication that spoke to as Jeff Galbraith likes to describe it the culture of freaks and fanatics that has provided us an island of non sensical joy in a world of over efficiency. Jeff’s publications Frequency and The Ski Journal spoke to that culture in the world of snow so it was only natural that he took that concept and his true passion for fly fishing and launched The Flyfish Journal. The premier issue recently launched to rave reviews and he’s currently hard at work on issue two…Jeff, welcome to the Fish Schtick.


So have you managed to get any fishing I lately?
Give us some background, how did you end up in Bellingham as a publisher?
What inspired you to jump into fly fishing media?
What’s the reaction been like to the Journal? – Were there some naysayers
Tell us about your team.
Let’s talk about Tailgate, a daily dose of the Journal. – You have some high profile contributors.
When do we get to see the next issue?


Jeff Galbraith


Jeff Galbraith

Pebble Mine investor on shaky financial footing

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