Fish Schtick Podcast Episode 11

July 30, 2009 1 Comment by Michael Mauro

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the-fish-schtick-icon-300x300We like to bring you eclectic guests from across the world of fishing, but as the Fish Schtick grows, it occurs to us that it may be worthwhile to introduce ourselves a little. (And it’s no stretch to call Brian and I eclectic). We’ve got lots to cover on today’s Fish Schtick, and then our guests will be … us!

Brian / Moldy Chum News
Pirates of the Flats

This is Fly

Teeg / Recycled Fish News


Safe Angling Kits

Guest Intro / Interview

Informally interview one another


Brian Bennett


Teeg Stouffer


Michael Mauro


Great Lakes Carp solution not unlike the salmon disco…
The Great Lakes are under attack. A swarm of Asian carp are advancing up the Illinois River, breeding wantonly and gorging on plankton. How can we halt the piscatorial horde before it reaches Lake Michigan? Well, possibly with noisy bubbles.

In a tributary near Havana, about 200 miles from Chicago, ecologist Greg Sass is testing a barrier that injects beeping sounds into an effervescent wall, which captures and magnifies the noise. The chirping bothers only the carp because it hears higher frequencies than native species do; a series of tiny bones connecting the carp’s swim bladder to its auditory system amplifies sound. In hatchery trials, the acoustic “fence” stopped 95 percent of the invasive fish.

Final Word


That’s the Schtick for another week, remember that our lifestyle runs downstream . Good Cheer, Blessings and Great Adventures.


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