Fish Schtick Episode 81 – Cheeky Fly Fishing

September 19, 2011 No Comments by Michael Mauro

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It’s Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fish Schtick is presented by Fishhound. Fishhound is the world’s largest provider of real-time fishing reports delivered directly to you from licensed guides & boat captains – fresh off the water. With coverage on thousands of waters, you’ll know where to go, when to go and what to throw. Interactive maps, GPS coordinates, mobile apps and more… Sign up for free today at and you could also win a Chevy Silverado.

Fishhound Fishing Report

At Pine View Reservoir in Utah the Tiger Musky fishing is slow but the smallmouth are red hot. Oquirrh Mountain Outfitters gives it four stars out of five right now.
The Pere Marquette River Lodge reports Salmon, salmon and more salmon in Wisconsin. Tons of fish have been pouring through the lower river system for the past week or so! These first fish are bright and super aggressive. Some days are good, some are great. Low light conditions are the name of the game.
Cape Cod is giving up big fish, especially at night, and 40 pound stripers are not only possible, but quite possible right now with some awesome fishing over the Labor Day holiday weekend.  Miss Loretta Fishing scores the fishing a full five stars right now.
For a free fishing report on the waters near you –

Guest Intro
You know that feeling when you drop your fly a couple feet ahead of a fish — heart beating, hands shaking, you strip, strip … and WHAM the water erupts – the fly is devoured, the line goes taught and the fish is off. You’re on. That’s what Cheeky Fly Fishing is all about.  I totally stole that straight from their website, and we’ll get Cheeky’s Ted Upton to get into the rest of his story on today’s Schtick.

Brian / Moldy Chum News
What’s new with you?
What’s new on Moldy Chum?

Teeg / Recycled Fish News
Teeg News
Recycled Fish News

Around the world of fishing in 120 Seconds

Coast to Coast and across North America! Anglers cast off tonight in the Recycled Fish 24 Hour Fish-A-Thon presented by Scheels and Griffin Fishing Charters. It’s the fishing version of a marathon to raise awareness for the problems facing our waters, and money to help solve those problems through education.

Up the Eastern Seaboard, if Hurricane Irene wasn’t bad enough, the passing of a tropical depression and subsequent storms are leading to even more devastating flooding. In the wake of that, plummeting dissolved oxygen levels mean massive fish kills.

And more bad news from Utah. The parasite that causes whirling disease has been found in four rainbow trout taken from Utah’s world famous Green River below Flaming Gorge dam. Clean, inspect and dry your boats, boots and waders, guys.

In Washington – Keep all the fish you want from Alta Lake, Fish Lake and Schallow Pond in the Okanogan through October 22. Those lakes are getting a rehab. I said no…no…no.

Mustad took out a little insurance policy with their new Hook A Million program. Set a state or world record with a Mustad hook and it could mean a ton of money in your pocket.

On the web – and now your mobile phone – our friends at Fishhound have released the Fishhound app for your iPhone or Droid so you can know where to go and what to throw with a few clicks on your smart phone.

In Nebraksa this week, the AFWA Conference – the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Heads of the DNR, US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Parks and other agencies come together to discuss the future of the outdoors in America. Recycled Fish will be on hand, of course.

This week’s Stewardship Tip: ‘Tis the season for seeding. Yep, fall is a great time to seed your lawn, and you should be seeding to conserve – plant a grass that is good for your area and doesn’t take a lot of water. Or, better yet, plant some native ground cover, and in Arizona and Nevada, that means ROCKS.

More fishing hoopla at – Stewardship Tips and more at I’m Teeg Stouffer and we just went around the world of fishing in 120 seconds thanks to Boss Tin at

Guest Intro / Interview
Ted says that the guys at Cheeky are fly fishing addicts. Says their waders are always wet and their rods and reels spend more time rinsing in the shower than they do. These guys are Cheeky are inspired by that heart-pounding moment when a fish explodes on the fly and all hell breaks loose. Thrill seeking, adrenaline driven, extreme fly fishermen, the guys at Cheeky set out to deliver products aligned with their inspiration back in 2009 and today – today we’ll find out how THAT’s all going.

Ted, let’s have a fishing report, and we really mean an adventure report. What’s one of your most over the top fishing adventures since launching Cheeky?
You talk about the style of fishing and the progressive fly angler – what’s that all about?
In your photo gallery, there’s this shot of someone making a pretty awesome cliff dive. Does that say something about who Cheeky is?
We see some Denver Carp Slam action on the Cheeky Facebook Page.
Talk about the products: what are you making and what makes it special?

Conservation Topic
Does Cheeky have an “official conservation cause?”
What are the problems you see facing our waters, and how is the ‘progressive end of the sport’ addressing them differently than maybe the approaches had been in the past? Or is it?


That’s the Schtick for another week, with thanks again to our friends at Fishhound – real time fishing reports on thousands of waters across the country for free at Additional support comes from BossTin, makers of non-toxic fishing weights, and the Fish Schtick is now distributed as well by BloodKnot Magazine at

Remember that our lifestyle runs downstream . Good Cheer, Blessings and Great Adventures.

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That’s the Schtick for another week, with thanks again to our friends at Fishhound – real time fishing reports on thousands of waters across the country for free at
Remember that our lifestyle runs downstream . Good Cheer, Blessings and Great Adventures.


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