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December 1, 2010 No Comments by Michael Mauro

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This isn’t the first time we’ve invited the Catch Magazine guys onto the show. Last time we got a quick chance to figure out who they were and what they were up to. Since then they’ve made some big improvements to Catch and had some more great adventures, so we’ll find out what they’ve been up to on today’s Fish Schtick.

Brian / Moldy Chum News

Did you get to chase steel?

So much good video on the chum!

Teeg / Recycled Fish News

Off to Minnesota for the St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Expo!
Our “Short Rods” shirt is now available online:
So is our “Stewardship On Ice” Guide:

Around the world of fishing in 120 Seconds

Colorado has a new state record smallmouth, and it came from none other than Aurora Reservoir. An 11 year old kid caught the 5 pound 12 ounce fish! Remember a month or so ago? Aurora Reservoir turned out a state record catfish, it was caught by a woman who said it was like the third fish she ever caught? Rookies! Go to Colorado! Fish the Aurora Reservoir! Big fish are there, and they like you.

Wisconsin: Ice Fishing capital of the world – Rhinelander, Wisconsin – hosts the NAIFC World Championship in a couple of weeks, and insiders think that we’ll see some of the biggest weights in tournament history.

Nebraska: The Zebra Mussel – three of them actually – showed up clinging to a beer can in Omaha’s Zorinksy lake. First public waters in the Husker state to succumb to the plague of the mollusk.

Utah: Access battles rage on. Salt Lake Tribune released an editorial that said, “It is impossible to predict how the court challenge to the new law, the Public Waters Access Act, will turn out or how long it might take. Meanwhile, paying willing property owners for public access would be an excellent way to proceed.”
Hey, Utah! Welcome to Europe.

Pro Bass Fishing – Dreams realized. Four new guys from Texas, South Carolina and Michigan join the ranks of the BASSMASTER Elite Series this year: Andy Montgomery, Keith Combs, Craig Schuff and Nate Wellman face off against the best of the best next season. They range in age from 27 – 49 and all made their way in through the BASS Opens.

On your TV – Silent Invaders debuts Sunday, December 5 on Versus. Produced by the North American Fishing Club in partnership with Wildlife Forever – Silent Invaders identifies the most harmful invasive species, what’s so bad about them, and how we fight them.

This week’s Stewardship Tip – Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware. Lots of products are now marketing themselves as being safe, or safer for the environment, but make sure you’re not being sucked into “Green Washing.” A little bit of research helps know how the products you’re buying really affect our waters, but just about everything does … our lifestyle runs downstream.

More fishing hoopla at – Stewardship Tips and more at

Guest Intro / Interview

Todd Moen and Brian O’Keefe present candy for the eye and brain in every issue of Catch Magazine. It’s a free, paperless online magazine and that usually translates to “another piece of crap on the web” but in this case, it’s not a piece of crap, it’s the most eye-popping, jaw-dropping collection of images, words and video a fisherman will find. Every image makes you say: wow. The guys who make it are cool too: welcome to the Fish Schtick!

Catch Magazine

Catch Magazine

How was Thanksgiving, how did you spend it?

Any fishing trips since we last spoke?

What’s new at Catch?

Tell us about the Fins & Skins series.

Most pages are just a big image, then in the bottom corner of most pages is a little “I” – what’s that all about?

What’s something most people wouldn’t ever guess is involved with doing something like Catch?

Where are your next adventures planned?



Brian Bennett @ Catch Magazine


Great fish photos often involve great fish.
Great fish are the ones we especially want to see released.
Sometimes to get the great photo it takes a great deal of time.
How does someone get a great photo without stressing a fish to death?

1st Catch Magazine Show on the Fish Schtick

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