Fish Schtick Episode 41 – Ryan Roberts

June 18, 2010 1 Comment by Michael Mauro

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Ryan Roberts is the National Fish Habitat Action Plan Communications Coordinator for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. If I lost you somewhere in there, he’s one of the guys in Washington, DC who is working to make sure that our fish have the habitat they need, which is good for us who like to fish for them. Every year, they come out with their “10 Waters to Watch” list, and we asked Ryan to come on the show to talk about them.

Brian / Moldy Chum News
Where have your travels taken you?

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Crazy French Video Guy
A sneak attack with the Friday Pin-Up

Teeg / Recycled Fish News

24 Hour Fish A Thon – c’mon, you should do this
Waterfest in Lincoln, NE
Annual Report

Around the world of fishing in 120 Seconds

Good News – WFN, the World Fishing Network, is dedicating an entire day – June 30 – to programming and commercial airtime to support anglers affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. If you get WFN, tune in June 30. If you don’t, you gotta check out WFN.TV/Donate.

Bad news – it’s now clear that the Deepwater Horizon spill is far worse than had been reported, the dispersants being used are more toxic than the oil, and are designed only to hide the oil from public view, pushing the oil deeper where it will be worse for marine life. President Obama’s statement that “this could go on for months” – the understatement of the decade.

In other unfortunate news from Arkansas, the death toll from the flash flooding that roared through a campground in the Albert Pike Recreation Area has grown to twenty. Search teams with dogs continue there.

From Annapolis, Maryland – The Maryland DNR is testing out a new Backyard Fishing Program to get kids fishing in and around urban areas. They’re hoping to provide learning experiences to inspire natural resource stewardship.

The Southeast – that’s where all of next year’s BASS Elite events will take place, the furthest north they get is Arkansas. Mostly a Florida / Alabama / Louisiana circuit next year.

Washington State has joined the many others who have check stations to look for Aquatic Nuisance Species – don’t be surprised if a WDFW officer wants to have a look at your boat before you hit the lake.

From Indiana – how do Muskies and Bass interact? A new study from a small northern Indiana natural lake say fewer, but bigger, largemouth bass are now present after introducing muskies. They’ve seen a 20 percent reduction in the overall number of bass but a doubling of the number of 14-inch and larger bass since muskies were first stocked in the lake.

In Ohio – they’re cracking down on drunk boaters next weekend. U.S. Coast Guard is pitching in to help local officers, for Operation Dry Water June 25-27. The goal: get drunks off the water.

Great Lakes – look for new billboards. Our friends at Wildlife Forever came up with $80,000 to buy billboards that encourage people to join the fight against invasive species.

This week’s Recycled Fish Stewardship Tip: Be careful how you handle gas on your boat. Even your own little spill can wreak havoc on small local waters.

More fishing hoopla at  – Stewardship Tips and more at

Guest Intro / Interview

This guy’s bio reads a lot like mine. Ryan Roberts started out as a TV guy, working for NBC and CBS affiliates in Pennsylvania. He was a videographer and a reporter, but left TV for a PR job for a minor league baseball team. Today he’s fulfilling a life-long dream – connecting his passion for fish and wildlife with his experience as a communicator to help save our waters and wild places.

Ryan – how are things in DC?

What’s fishing like in your neck of the woods, had any good outings this summer?

Doing what you do, does it afford you chances to travel to some cool places to fish?

As far as fishing goes, what’s your passion – what gets your blood pumping?

So you help manage the National Fish Habitat Action Plan – that sounds very governmental. What is it to a simple guy who wants clean water that grows big fish?

Part of what you do has to do with this 10 Waters to Watch list. What’s this list all about?

What are some of the past “Waters To Watch” that have a really good story to tell?

Walk us through some of the focus waters on this year’s list.

As far as habitat goes, what are things that anglers do that is either very good or very bad?


There are some habitat issues going on right now in the Gulf of Mexico – talk to us about that.


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